About Us


Providing Corporate Opportunities for Black Owned Businesses

Mission Statement

Black Spirit Group is a non-profit organization established to ensure the development of Black owned businesses. The Black Spirit Group will create a new generation of entrepreneurs and institute new avenues of economic development in the Black community.

Black business owners looking to make a difference

Corporations looking to be a part of the solution


Black Spirit Group will achieve its Mission and Goals through the following objectives: 1. Educate its members, the Black community, American society generally, and corporate America specifically about the historic and present necessity for the success of Black-owned business to the success of local, state and national interests. 2. Structure its organization to insure and promote inter-generational leadership, connectivity and continuity. 3. Connect its members with and to each other through mentoring, training, networking, and collective actions. 4. Serve as a clearinghouse of services and a collective for merchandising, purchasing, stocking, and distribution of various goods and services for and by its members. 5. Join with other organizations and businesses who share the mission and goals of Black Spirit Group to act together to bring an end to discrimination in all forms of business activities. 6. Assist members in obtaining major corporate funding for “turnkey and ready to execute” proposals. 7. Identify for members appropriate linkages with major corporations for vending, advertising and publicity, and other mutually beneficial joint activities and initiatives.

Who We Are & What We've Done

  • Black Spirit Group a national organization, established  in 2014 by five  African-American entrepreneurs, friends, and business associates emanating and based in, New York, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama. The founders boast a combined total of over 200 years  of business experience.
  • Black Spirit Group Interfaced with major business corporations who utilize African-American business corporations who work jointly toward a fair system of economic reciprocity.
  • Black Spirit Group strengthens the bridge between burgeoning, as well as creative upstart entities that work in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies.
  • Black Spirit Group continues to mobilize and contribute to its national “Back to School Gift Pack Campaign” that takes place annually, sponsored without corporate funds solely by our members. 


We work with, consult, and do business with local and national organizations. We monitor, and on occasion, utilize their resources, manpower and client base as part of our effort toward our goals and planned objectives. Our short list includes the NAACP, The Autism Foundation and Senior Homes, and Rehabilitation Centers, all pre-corona virus pandemic. We plan to resume this inclusion when medically safe and feasible.


Educational and social media initiatives have become major components of our efforts. As a result of our sources, we provide scholarship ops and financial support as well as internships procured from our long term business associates and anonymous donors.

Financial Accountability

With major corporations contractually budgeting or “gifting” a stipulated percentage to our “Give Back” initiative benefiting the African-American entrepreneur, results will be monitored based on projected growth, needs and supported by audit and an annual report to all corporate benefactors.